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The most common dental problems are generally a result of decayed, cracked or worn teeth and will often be repaired with a filling where the damage is only small.

The concept of a filling is to restore the tooth’s structure and with today’s advances in dentistry, the use of composite resin materials replaces the need for obvious and unsightly metal alternatives that could otherwise require further loss of tooth structure.

White composite fillings

While there are a few different types of restoration materials used to resolve cavities and decay, we choose to treat fillings with a composite tooth-coloured material. White fillings not only look more natural and blend better with the tooth; they are also fabricated out of safer materials when compared to other filling types.


  • Discreet
  • Recreate original anatomy
  • Bonded to the tooth


  • The filling bonds the weakened tooth structure together
  • Excellent for restoring small to medium sized cavities


  • Capable of restoring teeth to their natural strength
  • Invisible / aesthetic
  • Minimally invasive (preserve as much of your remaining tooth as possible)
  • Repairable
  • The difference between white fillings and amalgam fillings

Traditionally, amalgam fillings (also referred to as silver or metal fillings) were used to restore cavities or decayed teeth, but in recent years the practice has become less common. This is because although the fillings are strong and long lasting, they eventually can lead to the propagation of cracks through teeth.

Composite fillings and amalgam fillings – weighing up the differences

Composite Fillings Amalgam Fillings
Long term restorative abilities
Give the tooth strength to last longer Weaken the tooth over time
Natural tooth structure loss
Bonds to tooth – loss of natural structure is less Requires less skill and often leads to irreversible damage
Ability to blend with the natural tooth
Tooth coloured and therefore completely invisible Silver coloured and easily noticed by others

Innovative practices in dental techniques give composite white filling materials the ability to not only restore the tooth from decay or damage, but can also be used to alter the colour of teeth or reshape uneven teeth. These cosmetic restorations can enhance your smile whilst still protecting your natural teeth.

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