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Dental Implants Sydney NSW

Dental implants have helped thousands of people around the world restore appearance and function to their smile.

Chewing correctly and speaking clearly are some of the most natural human habits. It isn’t until we get stripped of these simple pleasures that we notice how reliant we are on them. Unfortunately for some, tooth loss can lead to difficultly in these areas. Our team at Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry in Rose Bay provide dental implant treatments to help restore function and appearance for our patients who have suffered tooth loss.

The importance of replacement

Replacing lost teeth goes beyond cosmetic concern. By not filling the gaps with replacements, you may find that your:

  • Teeth move out of line

This is because your teeth are held naturally in place by the jaw and each other. When a tooth is lost the adjacent teeth try to fill the gap and can give you a crooked bite.

  • Gums become infected

Gaps in your smile can create spaces between the teeth which can form small pockets for bacteria. This can cause infection in the gums and may lead to further tooth loss.

  • Jawbone density declines

Without the teeth, the area of bone that holds them in place is no longer used. Bones require use to remain strong so when tooth loss occurs, naturally the bone will weaken and recede.

How a dental implant can benefit you

A dental implant has two components:

  • A titanium tooth root replacement and;
  • A crown.

A dental implant is a great solution to tooth loss as it provides a tooth replacement that looks and acts like a natural tooth. The small imitation root is fabricated from a biocompatible material that naturally bonds with your jaw.

After a period of time when the implant is secure, a custom designed crown will be attached to the dental implant. The new crown won’t only look like a natural tooth, but it will restore function to the area.

Your new dental implant will be able to hold the natural teeth in line, fill the gaps that could otherwise become infected and provide a foundation for the bone to remain strong and healthy.

Your dental implant options

Here at Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry we provide dental implants for single and multiple tooth loss situations.

Depending on the health of your jaw and natural teeth, we will assess your smile during your consultation and discuss the most suitable treatment option for you.

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