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Dental Veneers Sydney NSW

If you’re feeling a little unhappy about your smile, veneers offer a welcoming approach to reinstating the shape and health of your natural grin.

Veneers have the capability to improve:

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Position
  • Overall appearance of your teeth

Providing virtually instantaneous results, veneers can be a great choice for misalignment problems where one tooth is slightly out of position our dental professional may be able to reshape the angles of your teeth – giving them an aesthetically pleasing alignment without orthodontic assistance. Veneers also can be used to improve the colour of teeth that can’t or have not been successfully treated with tooth whitening, as well as improving the appearance of worn and discoloured fillings or fractured teeth.

Here at Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry in Rose Bay we prefer to choose a less damaging approach to veneer application. As a more preservative and minimally invasive treatment option, we often recommend composite veneers to help restore your smile.

Composite veneers

Composite veneers offer a more biologically friendly approach with the chance for single day application. As the less invasive veneer procedure, composite veneers use a resin that is bonded onto the visible part of the tooth. This resin is strong and provides a solid natural looking replication of the tooth’s enamel.

The treatment:

The treatment of composite veneers uses a resin that is applied in layers and moulded directly to the teeth – requiring only a single appointment.

The greatest advantage of composite veneers is that unlike porcelain, there is minimal natural enamel loss so the removal and placement of a composite veneer is far less detrimental to the tooth’s structure.

An aesthetic restoration with composite resin is a delicate procedure that requires a dental professional who pays extreme attention to detail. Here at Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry, we work with delicate precision to ensure our patients’ receive meticulous treatments.


Caring for your veneers is as simple as brushing and flossing daily and attending regular check-ups. By attending regular check-ups, our dental professionals will not only be able to help you maintain your oral health but this will also allow us to monitor your veneers and perform any minor polishing if necessary.

How Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry can help you

Veneers take on a natural look and can even resist staining if cared for appropriately. The treatment effortlessly enhances the shine and beauty of your mouth and smile, improving the shape of your face.

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