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Meet Joe & Gerry

Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry is committed to providing quality treatments to restore your natural smile.

Established in the suburb of Rose Bay since 1977, Dr Gerard Hooper and Dr Joe Hooper are the principle dentists of Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry. Our practice works hard to deliver caring and valuable treatments, as well as a comfortable atmosphere for our patients. As father and son working together to create a caring and family orientated practice, Gerard and Joe Hooper are solely invested in our patient’s individual needs. Here at Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry we work as a team and provide a number of different treatment options.

Standing out from the crowd

Unlike most practices, here at Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry we believe in conserving and maintaining as much of the tooth’s natural structure as possible. We want our patients to have all the information they need when it comes to their treatment. By offering treatments that are minimally invasive, we believe that we can help preserve, rebuild and replenish your oral health without the use of treatments that could lead to excessive damage of your teeth, gums or jaw.

What’s in it for us!

It is our goal to provide a service that doesn’t only help restore your oral health but also provides you with the right information to ensure your teeth, gums and bone density can remain healthy for life.

Meet the Hoopers

Dr. Gerard (Gerry) Hooper

dr-gerry-hooperIt has been my privilege to be associated with my Sydney practice Rose Bay Dental since 1977. We have always strived to provide up to date dentistry to the highest practice standards. Now that Joe has joined the practice and we move forward into a new chapter with Hooper Tooth Conserving Dentistry, I am looking forward to the challenge we will provide each other in carrying this practice forward.

Education and Experience
  • 1969-73 Studied dentistry at the University of Sydney
  • 1974 Graduated Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • 1974-75 Operated as a dentist at a private practice in London
  • 1976 Operated as a dentist with the American army in Germany
  • 1977 Commenced  practice in Rose Bay
  • Volunteer of The Spastic Centre, now known as Cerebral Palsy Alliance (10 years)
  • continuing education
  •  Gardening
  • Ocean swimming
  •  Classical music; opera, SSO, ACO
  • Film, (foreign in particular, film festivals)
  •  Theatre
  •  Travel

Dr. Joe H. Hooper

dr-joe-hooper Dentistry is a wonderful yet challenging profession. It requires highly skilled, intelligent and yet empathetic individuals to be able to successfully perform this demanding occupation at a high standard.

Joe embodies these characteristics and utilises them all in his role as a practitioner, which no doubt contributes to his reputation as a highly sought after clinician. Modern medical education stresses the importance of self-directed learning in order for professionals to remain at the cutting edge of their field by utilising the best available resources.

Joe studied dentistry at what is widely regarded as the best dental school in the country, the University of Adelaide. This inspirational education method instilled in Joe at the University of Adelaide has founded in him a continuous drive to improve both his knowledge and skills. Continually keeping up to date with the latest dental technology and skills, Joe works diligently to provide exceptional treatments for his patients.

Joe has spent time with some of the most respected clinicians in Australia as well as internationally acclaimed experts, particularly the leaders & founders in the field of minimally invasive dentistry from Switzerland and the USA.

A personal journey

Even as a young boy Joe’s parents had to open an account for him at their local hardware as he was constantly building things. At school he enjoyed both the sciences and continued to work with his hands with sculptures for his major artworks (selected amongst the top in the state).

As soon as he finished school he travelled to Austria to sit his ski instructor exams. Excited by the prospect of continuing education, he pursued his interest in arts; completing his first degree in media & arts before embarking on his real calling, rebuilding teeth.

Outside of the office

To keep sharp, Joe is an enthusiastic road cyclist who enjoys travelling around Australia (and the world time permitting).

Also an enthusiastic cook, Joe enjoys cooking nutritious, low-sugar or sugar-free meals and snacks to fuel his busy schedule. These are also great to use as a substitution for high sugar foods which place you at risk of tooth decay.

To find out more about Joe’s healthy recipes, keep up to date with our latest blog posts because we are happy to announce that we will be posting them to the blog for your convenience!

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